Smoking & Alcohol

There is absolutely NO SMOKING which includes but not limited to cigarettes, marijuana, vaping pens of all sorts drugs or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on or around any of the soccer fields at any time. If caught, you will be asked to leave the field immediately and repeated offenses may result in suspensions or life-time bans. 

Violence & Coarse Language

Violence or Coarse Language by coaches, players, parents/ guardians or visitors will not be tolerated towards but not limited to referee officials, visiting teams, coaches, players. Any type of violence/coarse language will be asked to leave the field immediately with a potential suspension or ban decided by Thorhild Association. R.C.M.P will be notified with any violent out bursts.

Cancellation & Refund

In order to start the season Thorhild Soccer Association is required to pre-pay for all fees associated to register player(s) which includes but is not limited to: Tri-County Admin/Tournament Fees, ASA insurances and RAMP Registration

A cancellation & refund request can be made to thorhildsoccer@gmail.com no later than the last day of regular registration for 100% refund.

A cancellation & refund request made during the late registration period will only receive a 50% refund.

Any requests after the last day of late registration will not receive a refund.

Special circumstances will be reviewed upon request by the Thorhild Soccer Association in the event of family emergencies, player injury or medical reasons.

Year End Party

Thorhild Soccer Association pays for all year end parties. The board will decide if there will be one group year end party or individual team year end parties and assign an appropriate amount to be spent.


Clothing & Equipment

Players must wear appropriate sports clothing. For safety reasons, please ensure all jewelry is removed during play.

Black shorts, Knee high socks, and Shin pads(to be under the socks) are required for all age groups.

Cleats are mandatory for U07 and above and only recommended for U05 and below.

Thorhild Soccer Association provides a basic first aid kit for each team; parents are asked to provide items like cold packs or ice.

For hygienic reasons be sure your child brings their own water bottle.

Inclement Weather

U03-U09: Weather cancellations are at the coaches discretion. Coaches are required to check the field no more than 30 minutes prior to play before cancelling due to weather. The coach will discuss this policy with his player's parents and ensure the best contact information.

U11 & up: Weather cancellations for the U11 and up are at the Referee's discretion.
In the case of lightning the game will be postponed for no more then 30 minutes for the danger to pass. If the game must be fully cancelled, your coach will speak to the opposing coach to find an appropriate time to play the reschedule the game.

If any parent is not comfortable with the decision to play in the weather, they have the right to pull their child without any consequences.

Field must be evacuated if there is lightning and/or thunder. No exceptions. 

Snacks for practices/games

All snacks/treats are at the discretion of each soccer teams coach & parents. If snacks are brought for a team please ensure their is one for everyone on the team. Please be mindful of allergies before bringing any food to share among the kids and have each child's parent permission to receive a snack. Clean up any and all garbage from any food. 

Healthy Snack examples include: Apple slices, orange slices, watermelon slices, Etc.


Mailing Address

Box 31 Thorhild, AB

T0A 3J0


We will never share your information with a third party

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