Volunteer Deposit Information

How much is the volunteer deposit?

Volunteer Deposit is 150$ post dated cheque/cash

Where did you get 150$?

If we don't have parents volunteering we would have to pay for a lot of tasks to be done. This concept is just a way to keep our fees as low as possible and to have  a smooth soccer season

What scenario will my cheque be cashed or cash deposit kept?

Volunteer deposit will be kept if you do not complete your volunteer position. Upon completion of your position your cheque will be shredded or if you request it to be returned we will gladly do so. Cash will be returned upon completion.

Can I opt out of volunteering?

Yes. You can just pay the 150$ deposit however we do appreciate all the volunteers we can get.

I'm not sure what my volunteer position is?

Once registration is complete you will receive an email of your volunteer position. If you still are unsure please contact thorhildsoccer@gmail.com

What if the volunteer position I want is already full?

Our volunteer positions are first come first serve basis. We try our best to make sure everyone is accommodated.

How come I see additional positions added that weren't there initially?

Depending on how many families sign up we have to add positions to make sure everyone has a volunteer opportunity if we have an increase in numbers. If you see added positions and want to switch as long as it isn't filled we will gladly switch your position.

If I have 3 kids do I have to do 3 volunteer jobs?

No. Its one volunteer position per family.


I forfeited volunteering but shouldn't the fees cover all the expenses? Why do we need to pay 150$?

Our association currently has the lowest fees in the league. Our fee income does not cover all costs incurred during the season. When a position is forfeited than the money goes towards paying someone to cover empty positions if required  and goes into covering  season expens. 

Our objective is to have affordable fees for the families in our community which includes families volunteering their time to make this possible. We appreciate all of our families for their hard work and dedication to our soccer association. 

Jersey Deposit Information

How much is the jersey deposit?

Jersey Deposit is 75$ post dated cheque/cash

Where did you get 75$?

Jersey's are expensive and take time to replace; additionally we want to preserve our sponsored jerseys for as many years as possible

What scenario will my cheque be cashed or cash deposit kept?

Jersey deposits will only be held if jersey is not returned by July 30 of that soccer season or if a jersey is returned in horrible condition. We understand normal wear and tear upon jerseys horrible condition includes but not limited to: tears, holes, massive staining. Cheques will be destroyed once jersey is accounted for unless you request it to be returned to you. Cash will be returned once jersey is accounted for.

If I have 3 kids do I give 3 jersey deposits?

No. It is one deposit per family currently. 

How come my child in U9 has a different jersey then U11?

We are a small organization and are in the process of changes. Currently our previous jerseys are in good condition so we would like them to continue to be used for U9; we just need to get a bigger set for our U11 team. 

A lot of time is put into ordering new jerseys which includes our sponsors time and money. We ask that you return the jersey in the condition it was given to you at the beginning of the season.

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